Monday, April 23, 2007

Do you think she knows what's coming?

Bella has recently gotten very clingy...she follows me around everywhere, especially getting underfoot in the kitchen with all of the recent baking & cooking I've been doing. She has always been a great protector, but is more vigilant these days. One night, when Andy was trying to study, she climbed right up in his lap between himself & the laptop, sprawled out and fell asleep! think she knows something is going on? The Princess might soon have some competition around here.

Easter Lunch

We had Easter lunch with a group of great friends. This year we went a little more casual - Carolina style barbecue with all the sides. The Bentons were generous and opened their house for our crowd while they were out of town...

Nathan, Eric, & Annette Ashley (with baby girl inside!)

Ella & Aspa - pure sweetness

Yes, this is really happening...but doesn't the tie look nice?!?

It's a tradition - boys do the dishes...Jonathon, Andy, & Ben

You can never have too much cheesiness...Kami, Andrew, & Allison

Look what I got! Coleman shows off his Easter Egg Hunt spoils.

The Ladies

Such a sweet time with our St. Louis family!

Friday, April 6, 2007

28 weeks we are at 28 weeks...not too much too say. Junior is growing and moving around like crazy! I'm growing and not moving around as crazily :) I can still bend over, tie my shoes, etc...we'll see how long that lasts! Hard to believe that we have less than 12 weeks. All of the sudden this is coming quickly!