Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Redeemer's New Website

Check out our church's new & improved website!
(just click on link below)

And, for all you thrifty shoppers out's TRIPLE COUPON WEEK at Harris Teeter! From now until March 31st, they'll TRIPLE coupons with a face value up to 99 cents. Amazing! I rocked the grocery game today - $110 worth of groceries for $54!! Reading what I just wrote makes me suddenly feel old and very domestic...I guess that's how life goes...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tea for Two

I should be working on Pampered Chef things right now, but playing on the blog is so much more fun!

This past weekend I threw a baby shower for our good friend Anne, who is due with her first baby (a boy) in just a few short weeks! She loves tea parties, so we threw her a "Tea for Two" shower - it was so fun!

Kelly (the other hostess), Anne, and my prego self. Now I am reminded why we don't have many prego pictures of me :)

One of my favorite things there - petite fours with baby booties on top

We also made lemon tea cookies for the party. Well, by "we" I mean my mom and Josiah. She made the dough and allowed him to make the wells in each cookie. It was very fun to watch them in action!

The finished product

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It has been raining now for at least 5 days straight. Cold, hard rain...not the kind you can put some boots on and splash around in. Those of you who know me (Amy), know that I do not operate well when I cannot be outside. There is a reason God created me to be Andy's wife and not Noah's! I have apparently passed (nature? nurture? who knows) this trait onto my child, who is starting to go a bit stir-crazy as well. Here are some pictures of our most recent rainy day adventure - getting into Mom & Dad's closet! For some reason, Josiah thinks it is hilarious to put on our hats and walk around in our shoes. At least he chooses my most unisex shoes, right?!?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Recipe for Pure Joy

All you need is an almost 80 degree day, sunshine, and a swing!

(Warning - if you easily succumb to motion-sickness, do not watch this video)

As you can see, Josiah is talking all the time these days and LOVES to play outside. We're so excited for Spring!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Days & Hardwood Floors

We had another snow day in NC yesterday. And this time, we let Josiah play in it! He was sick during the last snow, so he couldn't play outside, but yesterday he loved running around and crunching the snow under his feet. He was fascinated by everything and it was so fun to watch! Unfortunately he didn't really want to have his picture taken, hence the one grumpy-looking shot.

We also had hardwood floors put in a few rooms yesterday! The previous homeowners had replaced the majority of carpet in the house, but left nasty old carpet in the dining and living rooms and some really lovely linoleum in the foyer. We were going to lay Pergot down in these areas, but decided to go ahead and get an estimate on pre-finished hardwood. Well, the hardwood estimate came back better than the Pergot estimate, so we obviously went with it. Despite the snow, the workers showed up and went to town. They have to come back for a few finishing touches tomorrow, but the floors are down and we love them!