Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh, Boy

Our little boy is ALL BOY and getting more adventurous every day. We've been outside a lot recently, enjoying the crisp fall weather. He ALWAYS has 2 sticks in his hands, inevitably bigger than he is. He digs, rakes, and fights bushes with them.

He has recently become a climber. Auntie AK, have you been teaching him bad habits from a distance? Tonight after dinner, he decided it would be much more fun to stand on his Mickey Mouse fire truck than to push it or ride it sitting down. I, of course, let him stand on it (after making sure he wouldn't fall on anything hard) and laughed the entire time. He was so proud of himself!

I'm King of the World!

I can stand and still push all of the buttons

Look, Mom, I can ride it backwards

Oh, what adventures await us!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Charleston Visit

Last weekend we finally got down to Charleston to visit some great friends. The Clarks became South Carolinians a little over a year ago and it was so fun to see their home, their new city, and of course just be with them for a few days...

We went to the aquarium - a first for Josiah! It's right on the water and is a beautiful facility.

The weather was great and we played outside a lot . Coleman showed us all how to play baseball. We batted, ran the bases, fielded, and cheered.

Josiah learning how to bat.

Running the bases, with Coleman and Bella in hot pursuit!

We also got to see Coleman in action on the soccer field...they were amazingly good for 5-year-olds.

After the game we headed downtown to the Farmer's Market, where we ate yummy crepes, wrestled and played with dogs in the city square, and people-watched.

Then it was off to the College of Charleston for a quick tour!

Thank you, Clarks, for a fun weekend! Somehow I managed to only get pictures of your cute time we'll get one with all of you...sorry!