Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photo Shoot

We took advantage of some warmer weather and sunshine this afternoon and had a photo shoot! I'm not sure we're going to have many more enjoyable afternoons outside, so we need to use them while we can. So...the title of this photo shoot can either be "Fall Pictures" or "Go Hokies" - you get to pick for yourself!

(the boys are modeling their Hokie sweaters knit by Mimi)

Since sweet Sadie Jane wouldn't really smile for the group shots, I'm including one from earlier this afternoon when I captured her smile. She's snuggling with the doll my Grandmommie made for her (thanks Grandmommie).

Grandparents & Great-Grandparents - don't worry, I'm printing off copies to send you!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

to be thankful

Conversation tonight at our dinner table...

Mommy: "Boys, what are you thankful for today?"

Josiah: "My football"

Cooper: "God...and ketchup" least Cooper got them in the right order. Ketchup is a pretty perfect condiment. :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

2 Months!

I feel like I was just posting that Sadie Jane was 1 Month Old...time sure flies when you're having fun!

Our sweet Sadie Jane is now 2 Months Old! It's hard to believe! She has started smiling, coos & babbles constantly, screams her head off when she's angry (or hungry or tired), and is sleeping pretty well. It's amazing how much she changes every day. She's a little charmer and we're so thankful she's around!

At her 2 month checkup she weighed 11 lbs 2 ozs and measured 23 1/4 inches long!

On another note...Josiah had school pictures yesterday and said he smiled like he did in that last, be on the lookout for some excellent school pictures :)