Friday, May 20, 2011

Cooper at Siah's Party

This little guy had a blast at Josiah's party...and I'm still trying to get the mud stain out of his shorts...

Eating watermelon with Uncle Jim

(side note...We're sad to leave, but I don't know what our little guys are going to do without Jim & Emily...makes my heart hurt)

"High, Jim, Again" said Cooper over and over and over

Stealing Momma's this child needs any caffeine

A successful birthday party...I see many more playground parties in our future...they're so fun and relatively easy!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An Early Birthday

Our sweet Josiah turns 4 in a month, but since we'll be on the move (we're literally "moving" for a month in between houses), we had his birthday party early with his Raleigh friends. This past Saturday we gathered at a very (appropriately) muddy park for a Monster Truck Birthday Party! Everyone left filthy, but happy, and he thought it was the best birthday ever.

An excited birthday boy, ready to play.

(Yes, I chopped off all my hair...and I've been super-prego at 2 of his 4 birthday parties! This ratio will be decreasing...)

I swear these boys would dig for hours anywhere...

Swinging over giant mud puddles

Our Monster Truck Cake...both Josiah & Cooper helped me decorate it. Gotta love a cake that is supposed to look like a messy mud puddle!

A happy boy!

Blowing out the candles

And needing some help...

Who knew the best part of the cake would be licking off the trucks & cars?!? Good thing there were just the right number for the kiddos at the party!

Alright, that's enough pictures for now...more to come later!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


As you know, there are quite a few things going on at Casa de Wood these days...we are up to our ears in boxes, house projects, daily good-byes, and trying to have some "normal" things like playdates and dinner! I'm taking a break from packing to post some pictures from Easter. We're only a few weeks late, right?!?

We actually had Easter baskets this year (I completely neglected them last year). Of course, we waited to unveil them until dinner time, but at least they got them! Andy didn't get a basket, just a pile of goodies :)

I was silly enough to think I could get a picture of the boys before church...they would not stand together ANYWHERE, so here's what I got.

We found Daddy at church and at least got one of the 3 of them!

(I have no idea why Cooper's finger is in his ear, but they're at least all somewhat looking at the camera)

Walking to the car after church

It was a laid-back, stress-free Easter. We were able to actually worship and savor the day, instead of worrying about feeding 15 people or missing naps or traveling. We had a yummy dinner from the grill with great friends and are so thankful for the Lord and this day!