Tuesday, August 26, 2008


If we take the time to admit it, we all desire to be connected to someone famous or someone doing great things. We love to tell stories about the time when we saw some actor across the park or bumped into an athlete at the airport. Well, Andy and I really are friends with people that are connected to a great thing and were mentioned in a published newspaper article, thus making them also famous!

Our good friends John & Kate still live in St. Louis and are part of a community ministry called "The Chapel" through their church that connects Truth and the arts in a relevant, accessible way. The Vital Voice, an independent newspaper in St. Louis wrote this article about it and it is well worth the read:


I am so thankful that the Lord has placed people in all facets of life that seek to redeem His creation and our culture. I love that The Chapel is called “...to serve musicians, to serve artists, to renew the city...” What a powerful ministry!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Some days I am overwhelmed with contentedness and gratefulness for where the Lord has placed us and what He is doing in our lives. Yesterday was one of those days. Andy sprained his ankle pretty badly (it's swollen & purple, kinda cool) on Thursday. While I am not thankful for that, it means that I have the privilege of getting up early and running with Bella and without Josiah (Usually Andy takes Bella early, then I go later with Josiah). Anyway, yesterday we ran as the sun was rising, on the greenway by our house. This section of greenway is a wooded trail beside a creek & is too narrow, curvy, rocky, and rooty for the jogging stroller to handle. Just me and my dog- no pavement, no traffic, no other people. It was fabulous. My mind was flooded with the blessings we have received even in the past few days - I was thankful for my dog, for the ability to run, for the cooler weather & sunrise, for the birth of a big, healthy boy to good friends, for our families, for our new friendships here that just keep getting better.

I am also thankful for cooler mornings, less mosquitoes, and a son who loves to dig & get dirty. This morning we played outside after breakfast. I sat on the porch drinking tea while Josiah plopped himself down in the dirt and began to dig.

Did I mention I was grateful for a working washing machine?!?

Monday, August 11, 2008

1st Haircut

I know you must be thinking...Really? Josiah needed a haircut? Well, yes. He has this really blonde, wispy hair that's coming in now. In another year or so, he'll probably have a full head of it! I hate to say it, but I didn't actually get a "before" picture. I fully intended to do so, but it didn't happen. Let's just say his hair was quite "mullet-tastic". We took him to Andy's hairdresser and she cleaned it up for us. He did great - he was mesmerized by all the lights, mirrors, and people.

An "after" picture

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Apparently Josiah is missing the beach as much as we are. The past couple days have been a bit rough - not sleeping great, not eating well, and throwing temper tantrums (a new adventure for us). This morning, he and Bella were both up at 5:15 am! Needless to say, Andy & I were thrilled and greeted the morning joyfully. So, if anyone has any brilliant advice for parenting a tantrum-throwing 1-year-old, feel free to comment... I want to tell him that his heart is sinful and will always reach after idols, but the Lord is good and all we need; that he doesn't have to scream to get his way; that throwing food on the floor is wasteful and there are children starving in Africa; that we are called to be cheerful givers; etc. He's not quite grasping these things yet... For now, I'll post some more pictures of happier days.

Monday, August 4, 2008


We just got back from a week at the beach...I am convinced there's nothing better in the world. Except maybe 2 weeks at the beach :) We had great time with my (Amy's) family, runs & walks on the beach every morning, lots of digging & sandcastles, swimming in warm ocean water, great food, yummy drinks, naps, and just chillin' out. We literally parked the car when we drove in and did not move it until we came home. Auntie A.K. flew in from Texas, therefore making the adult to child ratio 5 to 1. I have decided this is a fabulous vacation ratio! We missed Uncle Scott, but are proud of what he's accomplished so far in the sky!

Josiah was dressed in his beach attire for our arrival, of course.

Happy Hour on the porch.

Really, Auntie A.K.? You're doing what with my child?

Josiah loved the sand and digging with Papa, Mimi, and whoever else came along...

He also loved walking all over the beach, especially straight into the water. He had no fear and would just walk right out if we didn't stop him!

Okay, that's enough for now...more pics to come later!