Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Pictures

Here are our Easter morning pictures!

Due to the Southeast's unpredictable Easter weather (2 years ago it was freezing, last year 70s, this year mid-8os), we waited until the last-minute to procure Easter outfits this year...like 5 days before Easter kind of last minute.

We went for a plaid/airplane theme. Josiah's shorts had embroidered airplanes, Cooper wore his airplane vest. We were even together enough to get pictures outside before church, as is the rite of passage for every child on Easter morning.

Our normal Sunday routine goes like this...Andy is at church by 8 am, so I get the boys up, fed and dressed, then they get to watch a Clifford while I shower. We're out the door by 9 am so Josiah gets to Sunday School and Cooper takes his morning nap at church. Well apparently Easter morning was just too exciting for the little guy. It was quiet when I got out of the shower (usually Coop is screaming by this point because he does not like to be in the exersaucer for very long). I, of course, rushed to the family room to see what was wrong (again, quiet and 2 boys do not go together) and found this...

Poor thing! Needless to say, our schedules were off for the rest of the day, but we had a fabulous Easter!