Friday, March 25, 2011

Early Morning Cardio

GRANDPARENT WARNING: This may seem dangerous, but they were supervised, I promise :)

These pictures were taken about a week ago, but I'm just now getting around to posting them. We have allowed the boys to jump on Josiah's double bed - no other beds - and they have a blast! This particular morning they jumped forever and got some serious air. In matching monster truck pajamas, of course.

YAY for bouncing boys! Plus a great way to get some exercise on a cold morning.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Think PINK!

Yes, family & friends, tis true. We had our ultrasound on Monday and Baby Wood #3 is a GIRL! Andy & I were a little bit shocked. We knew it was possible for us to have a daughter, but we didn't really think we ever would! It's taken a few days to settle in, but I think we're getting used to the idea. She is healthy and growing like she should.

One funny story - she was curled up in a ball during the ultrasound. So...we got some great shots of her bottom and the back of her head, but that was about it. The ultrasound tech was able to see her heart, brain, feet, etc. but we never saw her face! After pushing all over my stomach and shaking me around in an attempt to get this baby girl to stretch out, the tech finally said, "well she is just going to do what she wants to do and not what we want her to...might have a stubborn girl on your hands". Without pausing for a second, my sweet husband pipes up, "oh, we don't know anyone else like that...wonder where she got that from". I have no idea to whom he is referring :)

Needless to say we are praying for a sweet, laid-back little one. She will have to be tough to hang with her big brothers, but maybe will offer some balance. I did check out the clearance rack at Target yesterday and picked up a few little girl items. Sorry Auntie AK and Baby Anna, none of them are pink! I figure we have plenty of that coming our way...