Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sadie Jane is 5 Months Old!

So...apparently I took the past 2 months off from blogging...oops!

We traveled a bunch for Thanksgiving & Christmas, seeing LOTS of family and friends all over NC & VA! I'll probably share some pictures from those trips later, but will not be trying to play "catch up" on the blog...we'll just start afresh with 2012!

On that note...my mom and a close family friend got in the habit about 10 or 12 years ago of naming the year with a theme. I can't think of any examples off the top of my head, but they always had clever ones. Anyway...2011 was the "Year of Survival" for our little family. We just
had to survive all of the changes and craziness! And we did! The Lord was gracious and kind to us and has shown Himself over & over again. I decided 2012 is our "Year of Settling In". In our 8 years of marriage we have lived in 4 homes in 3 states, attended 2 schools, had 3 children (in 3 different states), 2 dogs, and 7 cars. We have been members of 4 different churches and Josiah has been in 3 different preschools! We have each held various jobs - both full and part-time. I have always had a bit of a gypsy soul and love searching for the next
adventure, but this is a bit extreme! We are ready to dig in, establish some roots, and make this our home. We have a contract on a house in town and, Lord-willing, we will close March 1st! I am SOOO ready to invest in this town, in a neighborhood, in Josiah's elementary school and Cooper's preschool long-term. Therefore and thus...The Year of Settling In begins.

Now for the cute stuff...Sadie Jane is 5 months old today! The past month has been a busy one. Here are her 4 month pictures...

She started rice cereal and a few fruits & veggies. Like the boys, she had no trouble with the spoon and has been gobbling up bowl-fulls since day one.

And here are her 5 month pictures from today. She's growing lots of fuzzy hair (it's blonde. for some reason the pictures make it look a bit red, it's not). She's super-laid back, smiles & laughs all the time (esp. for her brothers), and has her daddy wrapped around her finger. We're so thankful for her!


A.K. said...

I want more Sadie Jane snuggles- Scott keeps asking my why we didn't really steal her and take her back to Texas with us....

Mimi said...

So cute! In her 5 month pics she looks like Cooper! Always happy that Sadie Jane!

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